Leibniz Research Alliance
Crises in a Globalised World

© Marcus Winter

Aims and Objectives

In a globalised world, basic malfunctions of economic, social, political, and ecological systems are often interconnected in complex ways that endow crises with a new quality. If we are to cope with crises successfully, a comprehensive assessment of their causes is needed, as a basis for concerted action. Such an advance is only possible if exchange between scholars, political decision-makers, and the wider public is intensified.

Against this background, the distinctive mission of the Leibniz Research Alliance Crises in a Globalised World is to cut across three sets of boundaries— between disciplines, between different thematic fields in which crises figure, and between the academic, political, and societal spheres. The Alliance’s strategic goals are:

  • to create a network between the 24 Leibniz Institutes and external partners 
  • to establish working groups that carry out transdisciplinary research projects
  • to deepen the links between the Leibniz Association, the political community and the wider public and to focus attention for policy-relevant expertise of the collaborating institutes 

A more detailed description of our research agenda is available in the'Research' section. For further information do not hesitate to contact the alliance's coordinator Dr. Stefan Kroll.