Leibniz Research Alliance
Crises in a Globalised World

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Thematic Focus of the Leibniz Research Alliance

In a globalised world, crises assume a new range and quality: they have repercussions far beyond national borders. Different crisis-situations are often intricately enmeshed with one another and a crisis can trigger, exacerbate, or bring to light further crises in other areas. Crisis management and crisis prevention thus call for a high degree of coordinated action.

Research Questions

  • How do crises arise and develop?
  • What interdependencies exist between crises?
  • How and when are crises recognised? And how are they perceived, articulated and communicatively handled?
  • What kind of institutional settings/governance approaches have proved to be adequate in making societies more resilient against crisis or in dealing with specific types of crises?

Project Groups

  • Distortions in Grain Markets and their Effects on the Economy, Society and Politics (World Food Crises)
  • An Institutional Set-up for a Crisis-resilient Euro Area (Euro Resilience)
  • Globalising the Concept of Crisis in the 20th Century (Globalising Crisis)
  • Environmental Crisis Management in Megacities. The Case of Manila (Megacities)
  • Experts in Crises

    Research Focus

    Working Groups and Project Groups