Crises in a Globalised World

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In a globalised world, basic malfunctions of economic, social, political, and ecological systems are often interconnected in complex ways that endow crises with a new quality. If we are to cope with crises successfully, a comprehensive assessment of their causes is needed, as a basis for concerted action. Such an advance is only possible if exchange between scholars, political decision-makers, and the wider public is intensified. Against this background, the distinctive mission of the Leibniz Research Alliance ‘Crises in a Globalised World’ is to cut across three sets of boundaries— between disciplines, between different thematic fields in which crises figure, and between the academic, political, and societal spheres. The Alliance’s strategic goal is to gather together the expertise which the different participating institutes have accumulated—on financial and debt crises, environmental crises, food crises, and crises of political orders—and use this to generate generalisable knowledge about the processes, dynamics, and patterns of crises, about their systemic character, and about the suitability and social acceptability of policies devised to cope with them. This knowledge can then be applied in the resolution of future crises.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Governing the Corona Crisis

    A cooperation project of the LRA "Crises in a Globalised World"

    The objective of this project is to assess impacts of government responses to Corona using key indicators on Food Security and Socio-Economy in rural and peri-urban areas of the three countries Brazil, Iran and Tanzania and to compare findings between the countries and to Germany.

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  2. Determinants of Iran’s Red Meat Crisis

    Multidisciplinary Analysis of Supply Chain Governance

    The meat crisis and the lack of impact of the countermeasures taken show that a comprehensive study of MSC in Iran is essential. The project aims to use production network analysis (PNA) governance of a global value chain approach to understand the factors exacerbating the meat crisis in Khorasan Rasavi province on Iran's eastern borders.

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Knowledge transfer

  1. The Health Data Space between the competing priorities of medical care, academic freedom, and data security

    Crisis Talk | Stream & Event Review of 1st July 2021

    With Prof Dr Indra Spiecker called Döhmann (Goethe University Frankfurt), Axel Voss (Member of the European Parliament) and Yiannos Tolias (European Commission, DG SANTE, Legal lead on AI and AI liability).

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  2. Lessons from the pandemic – EU European and Global Crisis Management

    Crisis Talk | Stream & Event Review of 23 June 2021

    With Prof Dr Nicole Deitelhoff (Leibniz Peace Research Institute Frankfurt/Speaker Leibniz Research Alliance “Crises in a globalised world”), Jens Gieseke (tbc) (Member of the European Parliament) and Kim Eling (Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Commissioner for Crisis Management, European Commission).

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The movie "Crises in a Globalised World - 11 Perspectives" (2020) was produced as part of the exhibition project "Making Crises Visible" at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main.