The Leibniz Research Alliance »Crises in a Globalised World« is a fusion of Leibniz Institutes with the aim to inter- and transdisciplinarily scrunitize the mechanisms, dynamics and interdependencies of crises.
Strategic aims and objectives
  • Creation of a network between the 24 Leibniz Institutes and external partners
  • Establishing of working groups that carry out transdisciplinary research projects
  • Deepening of the links between the Leibniz Association, the political community and the wider public and to focus attention for policy-relevant expertise of the collaborating institutes 
Knowledge generation

The synthesis of social-, humanistic-, life- and natual-scientific expertise allows through a systematic analyses for the generation which serves for the assessment and the handling of actual threats as well as for an early recognition of developments coming to a crisis.  The distinctive mission of the Leibniz Research Alliance  is to cut across three sets of boundaries— between disciplines, between different thematic fields in which crises figure, and between the academic, political, and societal spheres.

Knowledge tranfer

Activities in the domain Transfer contain the Alliance's own Lunch Debate Series Crisis Talks as well as the Interview Series Crisis Interviews. These formats generate a realm for communication between science and the public shpere and enable for a discursive examination of present crisis phenomena between researchers and their audience. Another format which deals with an artistical exploration of crises is the project Making Crisis Visible.

Dr. Stefan Kroll
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)
Frankfurt, Germany