The project Making Crises Visible provides an experimental approach to the themes of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Crisis in a Globalised World”. In cooperation with students of the University of Art and Design Offenbach and the project partners of the Research Alliance, it is planned to design hybrid “Science-Art-Objects”, clips and posters, in the course of two semesters. These objects can be seen as a creative processing of scientific findings, which speak to the audience in an emotional and unexpected manner. The aim of the announced workshop is to bring the participating researchers and art-students together, in order to generate ideas for the artistic realization of the researchers' findings. As a conclusion to the project, the scientific findings and artistic realizations are being presented in an exhibition.

Movie: Crises in a Globalised World

Eleven scientists will talk about the concept of crisis and its significance for their research. Perspectives from the fields of agricultural economics, history, human geography, paleontology, philosophy, physics, political science and sociology show how diverse, productive, hopeful, but sometimes also doubtful and contradictory the scientific view of "the crisis" can be. At the same time, they offer the opportunity to reflect on the role of the distanced "scientific expert" and to discover the people behind science.

This film was made as part of the exhibition project "Making Crises Visible" in the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt. The interviews took place between November 2019 and January 2020.

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